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[Bug-readline] Reference to xmalloc() in the readline FileMan applicatio

From: Stefano Sabatini
Subject: [Bug-readline] Reference to xmalloc() in the readline FileMan application example
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2008 12:26:32 +0200
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Hi all,

the application example in the readline manual contains a reference to
the xmalloc function which isn't defined in the file itself:

extern char *xmalloc ();

I think you refer to something such as this;

Nonetheless I think a better solution would be either to implement 
xmalloc in the file itself, or even better use some new corresponding
standard function (but I cannot figure out now).

And BTW the code is also missing some few headers like <stdio.h> and
<strings.h>, and maybe the dupstr() implementation should be replaced
by the use of strdup().

If you want to suggest me how to fix the example I'll try to manage to
send you a patch.

Best regards and thanks for libreadline.
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