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[Bug-readline] Enter/Return/C-M/C-J Help for GDB Tui Mode

From: Michael Jones
Subject: [Bug-readline] Enter/Return/C-M/C-J Help for GDB Tui Mode
Date: Mon, 03 Oct 2011 10:18:18 +1300
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I hope this is a reasonable place to ask this. I've become used to using the following shortcuts or their rough equivalents in tcsh and zsh:

    "\C-J": history-search-forward
    "\C-K": history-search-backward

I added those two to my .inputrc file and they work great in gdb standard mode and other readline based systems as far as I can tell. Unfortunately, in gdb-tui mode they end up swallowing my Enter key press with the result that I cannot execute a command.

I'm guessing this has something to do with Enter sending a C-J signal maybe? Though why this only happens in Tui mode I'm not sure and I'm afraid my knowledge of this stuff is poor so I'm not sure how to solve this.

Perhaps I should be asking on a gdb list but I felt there was a good chance that this was an understood scenario with Readline and there might be an accepted solution.

Any help in finding a work around would be greatly appreciated.


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