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[Bug-readline] set history-size 0

From: Tino Sino
Subject: [Bug-readline] set history-size 0
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2013 12:29:30 +0200
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Operating system  OS X v10.8.3 (build 12D78)
Bash              v3.2.48(1)-release
Tmux              v1.8

Problem description:

Setting "set history-size 0" in "$HOME/.inputrc" results in empty history when tmux is launched. Same .inputrc outside tmux seems to work fine. Note: $HISTFILE is set correctly, cat $HISTFILE shows the content but no history is saved (shell builtin `history' -> "empty", C-p -> "no effect", etc.)

Other details:

- tmux launches 'bash -l' for me
- tmux TERM is screen-256colors
- keeping same .inputrc, commenting out "set history-size 0" fixes the issue

I thought set history-size 0 meant: limitless history, not "zero" history..

Tino Sino

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