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Re: [Bug-readline] SIGSEGV in _rl_dispatch_callback()

From: Hans Lub
Subject: Re: [Bug-readline] SIGSEGV in _rl_dispatch_callback()
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2014 00:26:51 +0100

I can reproduce the problem using rlwrap-0.37 and readline-6.3 (Gentoo). I didn't try using gdb, but (a suitably configured) rlwrap has an option to log everything that happens on stdin (rlwrap -d cat)

Pressing "Delete" sends  kdch1 (the delete-character key) in rxvt and xterm, this is  "<ESC> [ 3 ~"

Pressing it twice sends  "<ESC> [ 3 ~ <ESC> [ 3 ~".
After reading each input character rlwrap calls readine_callback_read_character()
The crash happens in the call after the second <ESC>


Hans Lub +31 (0)30 2899249
Dolomieten 74 3524 VH Utrecht (Nederland)  address@hidden

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