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[Bug-readline] Patch: swap order of CPPFLAGS and INCLUDES

From: Max Horn
Subject: [Bug-readline] Patch: swap order of CPPFLAGS and INCLUDES
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2014 16:00:15 +0200

Hi there,

for the readline6 package in Fink (a Mac OS X package manager), we are setting 
CPPFLAGS to point to an alternate system header root (since Fink does not 
manage the core OS, we do not touch the /usr file hierarchy, but rather use a 
separate hierarchy, usually under /sw -- so the readline files will be 
installed into /sw/includes and /sw/lib, etc.)

However, the readline build system puts CPPFLAGS before its own INCLUDES flags; 
the latter specify the search dirs . and ..

As a result, the compiler is told to first look into /sw/includes, and only 
*then* into "..".  This in turn meant that if there already is an installed 
version of readline present, then the installed headers get picked up, not the 
headers in the readline search archive.

The attached patch therefore swaps the order of CPPFLAGS and INCLUDES.


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