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[Bug-readline] Readline starts vi editting mode in insert mode

From: J Alan Brogan
Subject: [Bug-readline] Readline starts vi editting mode in insert mode
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2014 16:17:03 +0100
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Whereas vi and vim both start in "Normal" mode.

I think that readline's vi mode should also start in "Normal" mode, and started asking on Stack Overflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/26277585/how-can-i-start-in-command-mode-not-insert-mode-in-readlines-vi-editting-mode

OTOH: I can understand that starting in insert mode gives less of a learning curve to those unfamiliar with readline's vi editting mode, but would suggest that anyone who wants to turn on readline's vi editting mode is already expecting the "vim way of doing things" and would not be unduly perturbed to find themselves in the same (similar) mode as when vi starts.

I cannot find any configuration settings to change that behaviour, but think I have the right place in to code: line 414 of readline.c (from current, 6.3, version of the code) where it has:

    #if defined (VI_MODE)
     if (rl_editing_mode == vi_mode)
         rl_vi_insertion_mode (1, 'i');  /* don't want to reset last */
     #endif /* VI_MODE */

My guess is that changing that call to rl_vi_insertion_mode() with rl_vi_movement_mode(), then readline will start in "Normal" mode.

Line 180 of vi_mode.c, line 180:

    rl_vi_start_inserting (key, repeat, sign)
         int key, repeat, sign;
      _rl_vi_set_last (key, repeat, sign);
      rl_vi_insertion_mode (1, key);

My guess is that changing that similarly will put me into Normal mode after I hit return for a command.

Any suggestions on what the key parameter into rl_vi_movement_mode() should be? 'i' is reasonable for insert mode, maybe '0' for movement mode?

Any suggestions on how to hook in to the config system (I'd like to change the default for me, but assume others won't like it)?

Alan Brogan

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