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Re: [Bug-readline] [PATCH] Enable visibility annotations

From: Yury Gribov
Subject: Re: [Bug-readline] [PATCH] Enable visibility annotations
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2016 19:42:36 +0300
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On 04/14/2016 06:49 PM, Pedro Alves wrote:
On 04/14/2016 03:41 PM, Yury Gribov wrote:

# Find all imported symbols in rootfs
for f in $(find /bin /sbin /usr/bin /usr/sbin /usr/lib* /lib*); do if
file $f | grep -q ELF; then readelf -sDW $f | awk '/UND/{print $9}'; fi

This doesn't seem right -- does it catch references to global variables?
Those won't be UND, I believe?

You mean that linker generates copies of imported globals and then resolves them via copy relocations? Yeah, to detect those I'll need to examine copy relocations though, will do that tomorrow.

; done > all_undefs.lst
sort -u all_undefs.lst > all_undefs_sorted.lst

Pedro Alves

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