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Re: [Bug-readline] {forward,reverse}-search-history binding bug

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: Re: [Bug-readline] {forward,reverse}-search-history binding bug
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2017 09:51:01 -0500
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At 2017-11-13T01:38:11+1100, Yuriy Ershov wrote:
> Branden, thank you for your reply.
> As I said, that does not work for me.
> What I get is - search mode with empty string. I.e. any binding that starts
> with ESC key is unusable for that purpose because the search string gets
> reset.
> I have tested this on Ubuntu and Mac OS. The behavior is identical and
> wrong.
> Can you please try that on your machine?

I tested it before I sent it.  I'm running Debian 9 "Stretch".
Something is going wrong on your system.

Unfortunately the terminal handling pipeline in pretty deep.  There
could be a problem with:

* your terminal emulator (I use XTerm);
* your terminal "modes" (how the kernel talks to your terminal
  emulator); and/or
* your Bash configuration.

The first and last are easy to rule in or out by trying different
terminal emulators and shells, respectively.  Control-V should work
everywhere to "quote the next character".  You can then type Control-V
followed by Escape and then (quickly) the next key in the sequence.
If they appear together, it's working as intended.  If not, you're
taking too much time between pressing Escape and the next key in the


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