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[Bug-readline] Bash escapes '$' on successful completion

From: Dario Niedermann
Subject: [Bug-readline] Bash escapes '$' on successful completion
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2019 00:34:26 +0100
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Hi. I'm using readline-7.0 on Linux/x86_64, but in 8.0's CHANGES file
I've seen no fixes for the behaviour I'm about to describe.

The '$' symbol before a variable gets incorrectly escaped on successful
completion, if the matching item too is escaped (for example because it
contains spaces).

Here's how to reproduce it. Set readline to vi-mode (possibly unneeded),
store an existing directory's full path into $DIR and `touch' a file
called for example 'matching item' inside that directory. Then type:

$ ls $DIR/match<TAB>

$ ls \$DIR/matching\ item        <-- result

The fact that the '$' is escaped means that $1 is no longer recognized
by the shell.


Dario Niedermann.                 Also on the Internet at:

gopher://darioniedermann.it/  <>  https://www.darioniedermann.it/

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