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[bug-recutils] info recutils errors

From: Jean Francois Ollier
Subject: [bug-recutils] info recutils errors
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2011 22:19:12 +0100
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I catched 2 errors in the info page

File: recutils.info,  Node: Escalar types,  Next: String types,  Up:
Field Types

7.1 Escalar types

The rec format supports the declaration of fields of the following
escalar types: integer numbers, ranges and reals.

   Signed "integers" are supported by using the `integer' declaration:

        %type: Id integer

=> the real type to use is not "integer" but "int"
File: recutils.info,  Node: Enumerated types,  Next: Time related types,  Prev: 
String types,  Up: F\
ield Types

7.3 Enumerated types
   "Boolean" fields can be seen as special enumerations holding the
binary values.

     %type: Yesno boolean

=> the real type to use is not "boolean" but "bool"

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