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[bug-recutils] typo fixes

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: [bug-recutils] typo fixes
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2011 07:42:53 +0100
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Hi Jose,

Attached is a typo fix patch.  The following issues are not fixed in it:

- Consider replacing instances of
    git grep '\.\.\.' doc/recutils.texi

  outside of @example environments with one of @dots{} or @enddots{},
  see 'info texinfo dots'.

- In the synopsis examples, e.g.,
    recsel [OPTION]... [-n NUM | -e RECORD_EXPR] [-c | (-p|-P|-R) FIELD_EXPR] \
    @end example

  consider using @var as you do elsewhere:

    recsel address@hidden [-n @var{num} | -e @var{record_expr}] ...
    @end example

  You could even steal the @ovar macro from autoconf.texi and use that
  for address@hidden, but then you'll be tempted to also replace all
  remaining brackets with @r{[} and @r{]} so they are all printed in the
  same font.

  For extraction to man pages you might need to juggle between texinfo
  line continuation and backslash new-line indication.

- Consider adding an index.

- Consider using @noindent

- Follow i.e. or e.g. with either a comma or @: (info texinfo "Not
  Ending a Sentence").

- Unfinished sentence "Apply a template in the " in @node recfmt


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