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Re: [bug-recutils] recutils 1.3.90 testing - test failures

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: [bug-recutils] recutils 1.3.90 testing - test failures
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 19:07:25 +0100
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Hi Bruno.
    1) "1 of 8 tests failed"
    FAIL: recfix.sh
    seen on Linux/x86_64, Linux/hppa, Linux/ia64, Linux/PowerPC, Linux/SPARC,
    MacOS X 10.5 in 32-bit mode, FreeBSD 6.4, IRIX 6.5.

    Here's the files recfix-decrypt.err, recfix-decrypt-invalid-password.err:
    /tmp/recutils-1.3.90/utils/.libs/recfix: unrecognized option

This happens because the test suite tries to test the encryption
functionality even if it was not compiled in the library and utils
(probably because libgcrypt-dev was not available).  I already fixed
that and now the test suite only runs the encryption related tests when
the functionality is available.
    2) "2 of 8 tests failed"
    seen on MacOS X 10.5 in 64-bit mode,
    Running recdel test(s): 
      recdel-first ./testutils.sh: line 104: 99784 Done                    cat 
         99785 Segmentation fault      | recdel -n 0 > recdel-first.out 2> 

Huh, this one looks bad.  I will fix all the warnings, and lets see if
that fixes the issue.
    3) "8 of 8 tests failed"
    seen on Cygwin 1.5, mingw (with Cygwin as build environment).

    Every single test appears to fail. But all *.err files are empty.
    It smells like a test suite framework problem (testutils.sh or so).

Probably.  I will investigate this directly in cygwin.

Thanks for the report.  I will be back.

Jose E. Marchesi    address@hidden
GNU Project         http://www.gnu.org

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