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[bug-recutils] Index files

From: Michał Masłowski
Subject: [bug-recutils] Index files
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2012 16:42:45 +0200
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The index-file branch of git://elderthing.mtjm.eu/mtjm-recutils.git/
(based on the lazy-rset branch) has changes providing support for index
files with recsel or rec2csv.

I haven't posted this earlier to be able to test it using recsel (found
several bugs today in the previously posted lazy rset parsing code).

The implemented index file format differs from the one discussed here by
storing the numbers of records and comments in a record set.  This
should be useful for recinf (not changed yet).

Indices are now just unused byte arrays of specified sizes.  I'll design
one their format and think about APIs for using or building them after
revising these changes.  The index file format supports safely appending
indices even if one was partially written, the implementation currently
appends it always at the end of file.

Should the time and size of a recfile used for index file verification
be passed explicitly, or should it be hidden from the public API by
e.g. adding an opaque structure for it?  I have no ideas what more
metadata could be used for it and passing these data directly avoids
using dynamic memory allocation for them, so I have used this approach
on the branch.

I'm unsure how testing utils using the index files should be handled.
The branch has changes to the tests of affected tools to run each one
both with an index file and without, this probably should be organized
in a different way.

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