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Re: [bug-recutils] selections based on booleans

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: [bug-recutils] selections based on booleans
Date: Thu, 02 Jan 2014 19:51:12 +0100
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         I have troubles selecting records when using bools in the expression. 
         I am doing it wrong, or is it a bug?
    It looks like both, to me.  # is the comment character, not the special 
field prefix %
    However, even correcting that, your examples don't return what I would have 
expected.  Adding
    a couple of boolean operators though does:
         recsel -e '!!bool1' -P name test.rec
    Maybe Jose can give his opinion.
The reason for this behaviour is that the interpreter of selection
expressions (src/rec-sex.c) is currently decoupled from the field type
system: all fields are either numbers or strings.

I want to change this in order to remove the boolean comparison problem,
but also to allow comma-separated enumerated entries and other
goodies... a patch for this this would be highly appreciated btw :)

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