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[bug-recutils] [bug #44957] `rec-cmd-compile' fails with file paths cont

From: Thom
Subject: [bug-recutils] [bug #44957] `rec-cmd-compile' fails with file paths containing spaces
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2015 05:28:36 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #1, bug #44957 (project recutils):

Trying to markup the code from the original submission, in case it helps for
reading it:

(defun rec-cmd-compile () 
"Compile the current file with recfix." 
(let ((cur-buf (current-buffer)) 
(cmd (concat rec-recfix " ")) 
(tmpfile (make-temp-file "rec-mode-"))) 
(if buffer-file-name 
;; HERE (1/2) 
(setq cmd (concat cmd (shell-quote-argument buffer-file-name))) 
(with-temp-file tmpfile 
(insert-buffer-substring cur-buf)) 
;; HERE (2/2) 
(setq cmd (concat cmd (shell-quote-argument tmpfile)))) 
(compilation-start cmd)))


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