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[bug-recutils] recsel --print=fnam1, fnam2, .. foo.rec |rec2csv # csv co

From: recutils
Subject: [bug-recutils] recsel --print=fnam1, fnam2, .. foo.rec |rec2csv # csv colums vary if 1st rec in foo.rec has missing fields
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2018 10:29:37 -0500

This is for recutils 1.7.


    recsel --print=fnam1,fnam2,fnam3... foo.rec | rec2csv

If the first record in foo.rec does not have all the fields listed in
the --print=, then the resulting csv file may have columns that are out of 
ie not in agreement with the --print=.  Those missing fields are added at the 
as they are picked up in records that have them.

My workaround is to prepend a record at top of foo.rec with all fields in the 
where all the field values are empty.

Is there a better work around that does not add a bogus record?  

In general, is this a bug that should be fixed?

Milwaukee WI

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