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bug#30251: REMOVE bllank line on DOS file format

From: Assaf Gordon
Subject: bug#30251: REMOVE bllank line on DOS file format
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2018 22:42:36 -0700
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On 2018-01-26 05:33 AM, Mauro Rigoni wrote:
  we use CYGWIN in our application, and there are a lot of shell-script that use this sintax. In Windows environment, is normat that the End-Line terminator is CRLF e not LF.

In Windows, yes.
But as the previous emails in this thread mentioned, not in unix,
and Cygwin recently changed its behavior to match unix more closely.

Regarding your question:

1) Can you test your sed program with version 4.2.2 ?
     R: Yes, same problems

3.2. Which cygwin version are you using?
       uname -a ->  CYGWIN_NT-10.0-WOW ITP-WDK2020 2.9.0(0.318/5/3) 2017-09-12 10:41 i686 Cygwin

Based on this information, it is likely that the change in behavior
you are experiencing is due to a recent Cygwin version (or the way
Cygwin developers build 'sed') and not due to a bug in sed itself.

Cygwin version 2.9.0 was released in September 2017,
and it already included the change in CR/LF handling.

You can try several things:
1. Build sed from sources, and enable the 'binary' handling by default
(the same option that is now disabled by default on cygwin).

2. Try to downgrade to an older cygwin version (likely time-consuming, and not recommended).

3. Accept the new behavior, and add an additional step
of removing the CR characters using 'd2u' as suggested by Eric Blake.

As such, I'm marking this as not-a-bug and closing the ticket,
but discussion can continue by replying to this thread.

 - assaf

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