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bug#37634: Non-charset characters are not recognized.

From: sur3
Subject: bug#37634: Non-charset characters are not recognized.
Date: Sat, 5 Oct 2019 16:26:28 +0200
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sed doesn't recognize non-charset characters as . (dot), eg with

# printf "ABCD\n" | sed 's/B.*C//'
Output: AD
# printf "AB\x8eCD\n" | sed 's/B.*C//'
Output: AB�CD

I also tried something like [^E]* instead of .* but that also does not work.
I think sed should recognize \x8e is not a C or newline even though it's
not in the character set.

# printf "AB\x8eCD\n" | LC_CTYPE=C sed 's/B.*C//'
Output: AD

it works but, that's a bit non-intuitive, because normally one wants to
have UTF8-charset and sed to function correctly anyway or is there an
other regex similar to . that can recognize such characters?

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