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bug#41617: Bug.

From: Assaf Gordon
Subject: bug#41617: Bug.
Date: Sat, 30 May 2020 13:37:43 -0600
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On 2020-05-30 9:37 a.m., Anurag Kumar wrote:
I am getting an issue when using  [sed -i.bak "s/localhost/$ip/"
  filepath] it is not able to replace the ip value in the concerned file.

To help diagnose this issue, we'll need a bit more information, e.g.:
What is the content of the file before sed ?
what is the content of the file after sed ?
what is the content of the file you expected to see?
are there any errors printed to the screen?
what version of sed are you using?

For example, the following sequence works for me:

  $ echo "hello localhost server" > tmp
  $ ip=
  $ sed -i.bak "s/localhost/$ip/" tmp
  $ head tmp tmp.bak
  ==> tmp <==
  hello server

  ==> tmp.bak <==
  hello localhost server

 - assaf

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