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[Bug-SnakeCharmer] fwd: After market news

From: Patrica Roth
Subject: [Bug-SnakeCharmer] fwd: After market news
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006 10:51:14 -0120

Strategic Position Sets SBBD as Winner

Strategic Mergers & Acquisitions during its Developmental Stage Combined With 
Upcoming Market Campaign Pushes SBBD From $1.50 to $3.00 In The Last 3 Weeks.

Pr ofiled:  Sunrise Broadband Group, Inc.
3 Week Low: $1.50
Friday Close: $3.00
Increase: 100%
INF0;  Next Big Mover


These come few and far between. We recently began reviewing SBBD and frankly 
very excited to see the strategic position this company has put themselves in. 
look at some of the high points we found interesting.

A company in its developmental stage, yet still showing great strength in the 
telecommunications industry they are displaying a strong strategic mind for the 
Trading at $3.60 and up just a few months back, they went quiet while acquiring 
over $10.5 Million in assets with X-Stream TV Networks. These assets include 
rights, other intellectual property rights, international distribution, 
and licensing rights for "MEGAPOWERSAVER" (www.megapowersaver.com) and certain 
consumer and broadband related products. "MEGAPOWERSAVER" is a device that 
allows a 
household to improve energy efficiency. Since its formation, X-Stream has sold 
than 300,000 units worldwide of "MEGAPOWERSAVER." By installing this device, a 
could realize savings between 10% to 30% on its monthly utility bill.

X-Stream's founders, Messrs. Nick Peronace and Kenny Toye, will join the newly 
subsidiary company as President and Executive Vice President, respectively. Mr. 
has more then 20 years experience as an international consumer marketing 
while Mr. Toye has contributed more then 15 years experience in international 
and finance. 

"The transaction with X-Stream broadens the Company's Business Plan to provide 
array of consumer-based products to our targeted service areas, as well as 
potential revenue opportunities worldwide," said Calvin D. Smiley, Sr., 
President and 
Chief Executive Officer of Sunrise Broadband Group. "The team of Nick Peronace 
and Kenny 
Toye brings a wealth of marketing and international trade experience to Sunrise 
as we 
look to develop a bundled marketing strategy to deploy an array of broadband 
products and services to our end users. Both Nick and Kenny are driven to the 
standards required to achieve customer satisfaction at all levels." 

Nick Peronace, Co-Founder and CEO of X-Stream TV Networks, said, "Both Kenny 
and I 
are excited about the opportunity to work with Cal and his team. The Sunrise 
business model has the right ingredients to position alternative content for 
small cable 
systems while developing revenues for the Company. We have already begun to lay 
ground work to build a worldwide distribution and marketing network for 
along with several other products such as Video on Demand and telephony." 

In connection with this acquisition, SBBD has also hired "Emerging Growth 
Stocks Inc" to 
promote and run a marketing to increase investor awareness and promote them on 
the market.

Also during our review we found that SBBD was recently profiled in the 
Intelligence monitor 
for communications services in their report on Feb 18th 2006.  This report 
summarizes the 
current performance and current outlook for the communications services group.

Revie w:

The price is climbing already, we have seen it double in the last three weeks, 
all before the 
market push has even been launched. Our take? Well that is obvious. Get on 
board first thing 
Tuesday morning and ride this one for some amazing returns. We believe we will 
see this climb 
to the high $9 range in the next 3-6 months as the market campaign rolls out.

See you Tuesday.....

Good T rading

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