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[Bug-SnakeCharmer] fwd:Special offer.

From: Randall French
Subject: [Bug-SnakeCharmer] fwd:Special offer.
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 14:12:30 +0480


I'm writing in response for your last letter in which you inquired about Canadian medication.

I've found a really good source where they sell generic drugs produced at the plants belonging to major USA pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Amgen and the others. The plants are located in Canada - so the taxation is much lower for them, thus the final price of the product is much lower too.

I'm surprised that you didn't hear about such offers - they are pretty popular at the moment. The site I told you about is http://www.bontemp.net.

P.S. There's a sale going on at the moment - so hurry up.

Dr Randall French

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