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[Bug-stow] stow cannot work on symlinks

From: Peter Baumann
Subject: [Bug-stow] stow cannot work on symlinks
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 23:30:04 +0200

I found a bug in stow.

Here a short description. On my system /usr/local/man is a link
to /usr/local/share/man (relative link in /usr/local).
If I wants to stow a package (autoconf) which has files for e.g. 
stow just stops with the error

stow: CONFLICT: /usr/local/stow/autoconf-2.52/man vs. /usr/local/man

Is it possible to check if a directory links to a package under the 
stowdirectory and
if not, just stow the package ? (for my example, to just  create the links in 
[May be tricky, because you can't use relative links, I think.]

Feature Request:
        a config file (e.g. stow.rc) in each package where you can specify the 
target directory (-t option)
        would be nice because I wants to have one directory where all my 
packages are located, also if
        they are stowed over the whole system. 
A short answer would be nice. 
(Please forgive me my native english speakin :-))

Peter Baumann

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