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Re: [Bug-stow] [Patch] Option to exclude files for stow/unstow.

From: Gaël Roualland
Subject: Re: [Bug-stow] [Patch] Option to exclude files for stow/unstow.
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 00:38:04 +0200

Cedric Ware a écrit :


> All right...  Here is a preliminary patch.  It doesn't use glob
> (usage is more complicated) 

Yes glob didn't seem really appropriate.

> but translates globbing patterns into
> regular expressions.  Both syntaxes are accepted, see the manpage
> for details.

Okay...  This is quite powerful, but also quite complicated for most
users I think... I don't know if such flexibility is needed or not.

> Sparse testing seems to indicate that it works for stowing but
> apparently not for unstowing, and I don't really understand why.
> Is there another place than Unstow for erasing links?

I just had a fast look but I guess only the Exclude_paths case is not
working ? Maybe you should apply it on JoinPaths($dir, $content) instead
of $stowmember ?

I'll have a deeper look on the whole patch as time permits...


Gaël Roualland -+- address@hidden

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