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--adopt and --dotfiles do not work together

From: Barabas Raffai
Subject: --adopt and --dotfiles do not work together
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2021 12:48:51 +0000


When using --adopt and --dotfiles together, files are not adopted correctly.

Steps to reproduce:

    touch .dotfiles-test
    mkdir test
    cd test
    mkdir test
    touch test/dot-dotfiles-test
    stow -n --adopt --dotfiles -v test

This results in the following print:

    MV: .dotfiles-test -> test/test/.dotfiles-test
    LINK: .dotfiles-test => test/test/dot-dotfiles-test
    WARNING: in simulation mode so not modifying filesystem.

The file is moved to .dotfiles-test and the link is to
dot-dotfiles-test. These are two different files, and the result is
that the original file is no longer used.

Best Regards,

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