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Re: [Bug-tar] bug in gtar 1.13.25 with deep directory structure

From: Josef . Bauer
Subject: Re: [Bug-tar] bug in gtar 1.13.25 with deep directory structure
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 21:35:49 +0100


 Josef> Trying to reproduce the problem I think I produced some error
 Josef> possibly related to the problem: 
 Josef> [...]
 Josef> For what reason does msg.txt not show up any more? 

 Sergey> It *is* a bug. Thanks for discovering it. Attached is the
 Sergey> patch.

Yes ... and it was the bug that caused my archives not to be extracted

GREAT! I am impressed. Thank you so much!

 Josef> If I 'touch 12' in the very deep structure tar stops creating
 Josef> the archive with an error 'File name too long'.

 Sergey> Filename and pathname lengths are limited by the filesystem.

I don't understand completely. If it is limited by the filesystem why
then can I create the file? Anyhow ... if tar stops creating the
archive with an error message that is still OK for me. I just don't
want to run into a situation where I don't know that my archives are

Best regards


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