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[Bug-tar] Re: Untar on big archive fails

From: Rolf Leggewie
Subject: [Bug-tar] Re: Untar on big archive fails
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 23:20:05 +0100
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Rolf Leggewie wrote:

I made a backup of one of my partitions. The data was well over ten Gigabytes. The backup was made from Knoppix 3.7 to a fat32 partition which necessitated splitting of the tar file. The command I used was 'tar -cv /mnt/hdc1/|split -b 722222222 - /mnt/hdd1/bigboy.tar.' which resulted in 20 split files (summing up to 12GB). Now I apparently cannot get tar to restore all files from the archive.


the reason for the failure was that one of the split files was corrupted in transport (verified with md5sum). After replacing it, the restore from the backup went smooth. I am still amazed that tar would just silently abort and not give an error message.



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