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[Bug-tar] GNU tar.exe opens a console window when run from the script

From: Venkatesan
Subject: [Bug-tar] GNU tar.exe opens a console window when run from the script
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 23:54:27 +0530

    I am evaluating the GNU tar.exe to use in our project. When I run the GNU tar.exe from the script or some external program, it opens a console window and closes it. Say for example when I launch this exe from Installshield it opens a DOS console window and shows the output there and closes it.
* Is it a bug or is there any way I can supress this window?
* Currently GNU tar provides option to extract the file to the current folder or a subfolder in which the tar.exe is executed. Is there any way to direct the output of the extracted files to a different directory which exist in some other location?
* Is there any way to change the permission of the file while extracting. For eg. I have the tar file contains some read only file. While extracting I want to remove this read only setting. I want it as a normail Read-Write file.

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