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[Bug-tar] tar bug

From: Phil Dibowitz
Subject: [Bug-tar] tar bug
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 19:13:26 -0700
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GNU Tar folks:

It appears that if you use the "z" or "j" option to tar in order to gzip or
bzip2, and send the output to stdout, tar tacks on several trailing null


  tar zcf - somedir/ > /tmp/foo.tar.gz

will not result in the same thing as:

  tar zcf /tmp/foo.tar.gz somedir/

The former will have several extra null characters at the end. gzip will
silently ignore them, while bzip2 will complain about them. Either way, I
suspect they shouldn't be there.

Phil Dibowitz
Systems Architect and Administrator
Enterprise Infrastructure / ISD / USC
UCC 174 - 213-821-5427

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