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[Bug-tar] "tar c archive.tar /dir" fails to create a consistent archive

From: Ville Herva
Subject: [Bug-tar] "tar c archive.tar /dir" fails to create a consistent archive if it fails to read one input file
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2005 16:58:00 +0200
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This is tar-1.15.1 (from Fedora Core 4 tar-1.15.1-10.FC4 package).

I created a backup of a directory that had one file that was not completely
readable (IO error from the block device). The size of the files was ~4GB. 

I did 
  tar cvf /mnt/elsewhere/archive.tar /mnt/msdos

tar said (filenames not real):

/mnt/msdos/Program Files/file1002
/mnt/msdos/Program Files/file1003
/mnt/msdos/Program Files/file1004
/mnt/msdos/Program Files/file1005
tar: /mnt/msdos/Program Files/file1006: File shrank by 692300 bytes; padding
with zeros
/mnt/msdos/Program Files/dir2/file2000
/mnt/msdos/Program Files/dir2/file2001
/mnt/msdos/Program Files/dir2/file2002
/mnt/msdos/Program Files/dir2/file2003

and continued to the end, listing all the files (afaict). The archive.tar
ended up at around 4GB (about right).

  tar tf archive.tar 
only lists files up until /mnt/msdos/Program Files/file1006 - NOTHING after
it. tar vzf also doesn't extract more than 600MB (ends where file1006

"tar x" or "tar t" give no error, though.

Unfortunaly, I already wiped the erraneous input file system (falsely
trusting the tar backup I had), so I can't retest. I do have the output of
"tar cv" and the archive, though.

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