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[Bug-tar] problems with --no-recursion in tar 1.15.1

From: Philip Lawrence
Subject: [Bug-tar] problems with --no-recursion in tar 1.15.1
Date: Thu, 09 Feb 2006 15:39:35 -0600
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given a directory, tmpdir, containing subdirectories

1) "tar --no-recursion -vcf tmp.tar tmpdir" will create a tar file with only one entry (tmpdir), and subsequent operations will be consistent with no-recursion.

2) "tar --no-recursion -vcg .snapshot f tmp.tar tmpdir" will not create the same result. All files and subdirectories within the directory, tmpdir, will be added to tmp.tar. This seems to contradict the operation intended.

Is this a known bug that has been, or will shortly be, corrected?
Is this a bug at all, or merely a misunderstanding, on my part, of the intended operation?

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