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Re: [Bug-tar] tar 1.15.90 released

From: Helmut Waitzmann
Subject: Re: [Bug-tar] tar 1.15.90 released
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2006 04:11:13 +0100
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"Sergey Poznyakoff" <address@hidden> writes:

>* New features
>* Any number of -T (--files-from) options may be used in the command line.
>The file specified with -T may include any valid `tar' options,
>including another -T option.
>Compatibility note: older versions of tar do not recognize any options
>within the file list file, except -C.  Starting from this release any
>file whose name starts with a dash is handled as an option.  To insert
>file names starting with dash, use the --add-file option.

So I've to change the shell command

   tar -t -f archive1.tar | my_filter_filename_list | \
   tar -c -f archive2.tar --files-from=- --no-recursion


   tar -t -f archive1.tar | my_filter_filename_list | \
   (while IFS='' read -r file
    do printf '--add-file %s\n' "$file"
   ) | \
   tar -c -f archive2.tar --files-from=- --no-recursion

?  Please revert this change as it will break existing applications of
gnu-tar.  A new option, e.g. --actions-from, to be used rather than
--files-from with the new semantics, may be added, though.

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