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Re: [Bug-tar] avoid spurious test failure (working --listed), #24

From: Ralph Corderoy
Subject: Re: [Bug-tar] avoid spurious test failure (working --listed), #24
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2006 14:16:16 +0000

Hi Sergey,

>  EST 01:30:26 PM Monday, December 20 2004 Prog: SORT User: ldm
>  InputSize: 51
>  Blocksize: 81920 MemoryArea: 94333952 RecsInMemory: 4087228
>  processes: 0 IPC_buf_size: 0
>  EST 01:30:26 PM Monday, December 20 2004 - DONE
> Host system was AIX. I don't know what kind of sort utility was used,
> but judging by the report, it was always spitting out such
> garbage. Original report is available from: 
> http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-tar/2004-12/msg00021.html

The PATH shows the commercial product CoSort is installed.  This can
replace AIX's normal sort.  It's intended to be faster.  I suspect it
spews stats to stderr, possibly switchable.  The user needs to improve
his AIX environment, at least when building external software.
Otherwise, tar has to cope with me linking sort with cat.



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