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Re: [Bug-tar] Re: [PATCH] Extended attribute support for tar

From: Sergey Poznyakoff
Subject: Re: [Bug-tar] Re: [PATCH] Extended attribute support for tar
Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2006 21:50:08 +0300

James Antill <address@hidden> wrote:

> > 1. All xattrs-specific stuff should be concentrated in one source module
> >    instead of being scattered around 7 source files;
>  I can see why you'd want this for some of the code (xheader_xattr_* for
> example) ... but, for instance, I'd assume that the code in
> start_header() and options processing in tar.c should stay where it is?

Yes, what I meant is that the parts of code fiddling with xattrs on the
low level should go to a single compilation unit, so that they could
easily be disabled on systems lacking the necessary support.

> > 3. I don't see any reason to create a second (prefix) table in
> >    xheader.c, I'd prefer to expand the functionality of the main table
> >    instead;
>  I can combine the tables with a "is_prefix" type member, I'm not sure
> this is better though. As the code should probably still run through the
> table twice in lookup (one for a direct match and once for prefix
> matches), and ignore the prefix entries in the other functions.

Not necessarily. I guess it can be achieved in one go.

> > > 7. Currently tar defaults to not doing anything when creating an
> > > archive, so you need to pass --xattrs or --selinux to get all xattrs or
> > > just SELinux context information in the archive.
> > 
> > That's OK as well.
>  Would it be ok to have one or both of these on by default, at some
> point in the future?

No, I believe this would be superfluous. If the user wants it, he will
turn it on.
> > It should be limited to POSIX.1-2001 format only (POSIX_FORMAT). 
>  This would mean the default would have to change when you enable that
> option[1],

There are two possibilities: either --xattrs implies -Hposix, or it is
a no-op unless -Hposix is given. I prefer the former.

> is there a reason to not allow it with the gnu format?

Yes, there is: GNU format knows nothing about POSIX extended headers,
where xattrs are stored (they could possibly be stored in some new kind
of headers, but I do not want to further expand GNU format, given that
it has created enough problems already and that POSIX format is far
superior by design). 

> Also to be compatible[2] with star we need to at least extract from ustar
> typed archives (star's exustar is treated by GNUtar as ustar ... AIUI).

No, if it contains extended headers, it is a POSIX archive (more
properly - POSIX.1-2001). Ustar (or POSIX.1-1988) archives 
can not contain them.
>  What are the downsides to changing the default to be posix -- which is
> basically what would be happening as xattr usage is leaking into more
> and more applications. The documentation says that this is planned when
> full support for posix archives is done, is this close to happening?

Actually, it is already done. As for changing the default, this will
require certain time, of course.

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