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[Bug-tar] [GNU tar 1.15.1] testsuite: 20 failed

From: Christopher Bagdanov
Subject: [Bug-tar] [GNU tar 1.15.1] testsuite: 20 failed
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2007 05:09:00 -0000

Hi. I am installing Linux From Scratch 6.2 onto a stock Compaq Presario
V5000 (V5306US) laptop with 1GB ram & AMD 64 processor (Turion). Uname
gives Linux lfslivecd #2 SMP Mon Jan 29 14:40:26 GMT 2007 i686
athlon-4 i386 GNU/Linux
". I am using the LFS livecd to install. I patched tar-1.15.1 with three
To configure, I used ./configure --prefix=/usr --bindir=/bin

You can view the output of the configure in chris_config.log. I even logged
the output of the make command in chris_make.log and also the output from
make check, which is in chris_make_check.log. I hope this helps! If you
need any further information, please write me. Thanks!


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