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[Bug-tar] TAR Patch

From: Felix Joussein
Subject: [Bug-tar] TAR Patch
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2007 11:17:19 +0100
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Hello tar developers at gnu.org,

Question: Is it possible to change during writing a multi-volume tar
archive, for example within a new-volume.sh script, the length of the
next archive?

The question comes up, as I am writing now multi-volume archives, the
new-volume.sh compresses it, and after a certain file-size from the
compressed archives, I write iso images.
As I can't know in advance how the compression ratio will be, I have to
set the variables iso_min_size and iso_max_size, so the newvol.sh knows,
when the current_compressed_archive_parts_size is in between those two
values, it's time for mkisofs.

The disadvantage of this mechanism is, that in the worse case I waste
space up to tar_archive_part_size.
So my idea would be to tell tar to limit the size of the next archive to
the difference
from iso_max_size - current_compressed_archive_parts_size.
In this case I could loop as long, as the iso_max_size is reached.

Do you see a way to archive that goal?

Many thanks in advance!

Felix Joussein

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