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[Bug-tar] blocking factor on tar..maybe should be more clear in man page

From: Linda A. Walsh
Subject: [Bug-tar] blocking factor on tar..maybe should be more clear in man page? (even info isn't clear)...
Date: Fri, 07 Aug 2009 21:37:29 -0700
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I thought the blocking factor inserted a gap in the file-stream for
synchronization (from reading the info section on tar).

I thought -- if it used a blocking factor, and it inserted a gap into the disk 
stream, then maybe it might add a few bytes every 20blocks/10K and that
maybe, by using a higher block size, I  would get smaller tar files (by
some tiny amount.
Instead, the smaller the block size, the tinier the tar file.

In fact, looks like for optimal byte size blocksize=1 is best.

So what's the scoop?

My little test using 146 files out of /tmp, showing sizes in bytes shows:
tmp is actual 'dir', other files are named with their blocking factor,
so, tmp-4.tar = -b 4, etc....
files of same len are on same line and abbreviated in w/curly brackets.

3864378:        tmp
3974144:        tmp-{1,2}.tar
3975168:        tmp-4.tar
3977216:        tmp-8.tar
3981312:        tmp-16.tar
3983360:        tmp-{20,default}.tar
3997696:        tmp-{64,128}.tar
4063232:        tmp-256.tar
4194304:        tmp-{512,1024,2048,4096,8192}.tar
8388608:        tmp-16384.tar

I did the tests on tmp-fs to compare cpu:

cpu wise, size=1 took ~ 60-80% longer than size=4; size=2 was about 20% slower
          size=16384 took almost as long as size=1 (can you guess about
          what size my CPU cache is?}

When I did the test on an xfs file system, I noticed no difference in
cpu (disk came into play too much)... So I'm guessing blocking factor is rounding up file-sizes - or some of the file sizes (maybe if next file won't fit in current 'tarblock'? to the blocking factor?
Well, at least I know not to *INCREASE* the default :-) (even though
decreasing it isn't THAT much of a savings...


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