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[Bug-tar] Add option to include the contents of FIFO:s

From: Alexander T
Subject: [Bug-tar] Add option to include the contents of FIFO:s
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 2010 19:11:16 +0100


This is my first message to this list, so hi everyone and I hope that
this is the right place to post. I would like to submit a feature
request: to add a flag for including the contents of FIFO:s, like
--dereference, but for named pipes.

The problem this would solve is tar:ing multiple large program outputs
without using intermediate files, something like

mkdir bck
mkfifo bck/1.dump
mkfifo bck/2.dump
dbdump db1 > bck/1.dump &
dbdump db2 > bck/2.dump &
tar -c?f bck.tar bck

It is currently of course possible to come up with some workarounds,
but they have drawbacks and this would IMHO be a very nice addition.

There are some google results with people having the same problems:

Best Regards,

Alexander T

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