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Re: [Bug-tar] [PATCH] fix overflow in code_ns_fraction()

From: Kamil Dudka
Subject: Re: [Bug-tar] [PATCH] fix overflow in code_ns_fraction()
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 2010 10:42:21 +0100
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Hi Adreas,

On Friday 05 of February 2010 09:48:00 Andreas Dilger wrote:
> If the on-disk nanoseconds count happens to exceed 999,999,999 then
> code_ns_fraction() will overflow the 9-character array and segfault.
> While this shouldn't happen normally, it can happen due to corruption
> of the on-disk data.  If the ns field is larger than 999,999,999
> truncate it to this value

thanks for bringing the patch here.  I am attaching our version of the same 
patch.  It tries to count the overflowed ns into the second part and ignores 
any negative value of ns, which can cause SIGSEGV as well.  In fact I am not 
sure if such a situation can really happen, tested only with a debugger.

As for the tar-1.22-xheader-leak.patch you posted off-list today, we have
the same patch in Fedora, not yet looked if it has reached this mailing-list 
or not.  I am also going to review the new version of the xattr/lustre 
patches soon.


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