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[Bug-tar] feature request, to pass archive file name to "--to-command"

From: ıɥɔıɐʇ ɐʇɐqɐʍɐʞ
Subject: [Bug-tar] feature request, to pass archive file name to "--to-command"
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 02:45:15 +0900

Dear gnu tar developers,

I would like to request one feature for "gnu tar" command.
That is, passing the `extracted file name' as the first argument
for the command of "--to-command" option.

The reason that I would like to have this feature is to process
contents of `tar' archive via pipe while its original file name keep in record.

For example, when I would like to `grep' the contents of tar archive
that contains
many files, it is difficult to know which file that `grep' matches if -O option
is used.  But if "--to-command" option could pass the file name to the specific
command, then such file name can be put to each line of standard
output, for example.
That would cause `grep' command to know which file the searched regexp
is matched.

Or is there any way to pass the file name and file contents to the
standard output altogether?
If there is, I appreciate if I could know how to do that.

Yours sincerely,

 KAWABATA, Taichi   E-mail: address@hidden

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