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Re: [Bug-tar] [PATCH] fix overflow in code_ns_fraction()

From: Andreas Dilger
Subject: Re: [Bug-tar] [PATCH] fix overflow in code_ns_fraction()
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2010 13:40:23 -0700

On 2010-03-08, at 03:40, Sergey Poznyakoff wrote:
Frankly speaking I cannot imagine a real-life situation when
(BILLION <= ns || ns < 0). Nevertheless, a couple of lines
won't hurt, so I've installed the patch. Thank you.

We also hit this in production with a patched ext3 (proto-ext4). Whether it was originally due to a software bug, or on-disk/memory corruption, I don't know, but it caused tar to segfault repeatedly.

I don't think that e2fsck actually validates the nanoseconds fields, so once such a timestamp is on disk it will not go away.

Thanks for applying the patch.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger
Sr. Staff Engineer, Lustre Group
Sun Microsystems of Canada, Inc.

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