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[Bug-tar] tar 1.25 listed-incremental extract bug

From: IB
Subject: [Bug-tar] tar 1.25 listed-incremental extract bug
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2010 20:16:04 +0100
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I've been testing incremental backup operations in 1.25 and I think I've found a bug in this version of tar (problem does not exist in tar 1.23-3 /patches from debian added/).

When I extract incremental backup with 1.23-3 - files removed between incemental backups are removed from extracted directory ok. In the command

tar xvvv --preserve-permissions --numeric-owner --same-owner --no-check-device --listed-incremental=/dev/null -C "some_dir" archive-N.tar

output I can see information like:

tar: Deleting `some_file'

and this file is not avail in some_dir - and that's ok.

But when I try to extract exacly the same tar archives using tar 1.25 - there are some files (I couldn't find any rule or hint) that are not removed during listed-incremental extraction and are still present in some_dir after all incremental tar files processing. Some files are removed ok - only some of them are not - to reproduce this bug try to extract bigger backups (i.e. > 200k files with lot of changes and then do diff -rq between orig dir and extracted copy).

I wasn't able to find the bug in source but I guess it may be connected with changes in incremen.c somewhere between 1.23 and 1.25.

Thank you for great tool.


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