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[Bug-tar] Probably bug: --new-volume-script isn't applied for restoring

From: Станислав
Subject: [Bug-tar] Probably bug: --new-volume-script isn't applied for restoring from an incremental backup
Date: Wed, 4 May 2011 12:43:59 +0400


I was writing backup script and bumped into problem with restoring.

Steps to reproduce are following:
1. Make backup with some files to a tape using --new-volume-script (it
fitted in two tapes: in 1st and partly in 2d).
2. Make incremental backup with some files using --new-volume-script
(it fitted in two tapes more: partly in 2d, in 3d and partly in 4th)
3. Tries to restore from the first (full) backup with
--new-volume-script - everything is OK.
3. Tries to restore from the second (incremental) backup with
--new-volume-script - it tries to restore from only one tape and
doesn't run new-volume-script.

/tmp/tar-1.26/src/tar -xvG --wildcards --no-wildcards-match-slash
--blocking-factor=512 --new-volume-script=/tmp/tape-change.sh
--file=/dev/nst0 --directory /tmp/test_restore --label storage-diff-3
test/file5 test/file6
V--------- 0/0               0 2011-05-04 12:00 storage-diff-3 Volume
2--Volume Header--
M--------- 0/0          264192 1970-01-01 03:00 test/file5--Continued
at byte 31193088--
/tmp/tar-1.26/src/tar: test/file5: Cannot extract -- file is continued
from another volume
/tmp/tar-1.26/src/tar: test/file6: Not found in archive
/tmp/tar-1.26/src/tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors


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