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[Bug-tar] prefix field cann't trusted as part of path

From: Thomas Graf
Subject: [Bug-tar] prefix field cann't trusted as part of path
Date: Sun, 15 May 2011 11:39:13 +0200
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Ustar-format: Under the condition the name field is blank und prefix field is used, you should check the filetype flag or name field. With other words spoken: you should not trust, that the given filename in prefix can be used as a part of path. So take care when appending a slash. The follwoing script shows it:

# look at the output of tar command
touch a.txt
tar -Hustar -cf a.tar a.txt
cp a.tar b.tar
# copy name field to prefix field
dd if=a.tar bs=100 count=1 2>&- | dd of=b.tar conv=notrunc seek=345 bs=1 2>&-
# wipe out name field
dd if=/dev/zero of=b.tar bs=100 count=1 conv=notrunc 2>&-
tar -tvvf a.tar
tar -tvvf b.tar

Suggestion to fix it: see attachment: basically it's one line.

I give you the permission to add the patch and the above shell code to the gnu tar project.


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