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[Bug-tar] tar and file meta data....

From: Linda A. Walsh
Subject: [Bug-tar] tar and file meta data....
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 18:04:30 -0700
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Saw this comment in the precompression thread:

[Tim]"zip" does exactly what you describe, and newer Info-Zip versions do a 
good job of preserving Unix permissions, timestamps, etc.

Instantly, I think, but does it handle alternate data forks as exist on on Windows, Linux and Apple.? Windows NTFS has 'extended data' or streams,
ACLs, and sensitivity/integrity label.  Linux has had them since the early
90's when XFS came with them.  They've been added to other file systems since 

And Apple's file system also supports alternate data/resource forks.

zip finally caught up to doing some level of permissions (don't know to what
level)... the core utils like 'cp' copy ACL's extended attributes -- by default
when you use the "-a" / archive switch.
rsync is a bit behind the times, their '-a' archive mode only backs up partial data, You have to add -HAX to the cmd line to get. It can even store incompat ACL's and such
in a generic form for later restoration!

star has (a multi tar format tar prog from the 90's has had
support for ACLS/extended attrs --  everything about a file for at least 10 
on systems that supported them (unfortunately, it coredumps on the new version 
of suse
(11.4) I "upgraded"[sic] my  home server to from 11.2 -- which had been 

so...  plans for tar?

When will it be usable for archiving again? -- I mean it's good for content 
but permissions -- not so good...since most of win's permissions are in the 

Is it, *gulp*, already done, and I just need to update to the latest release? suse's 11.4 came w/1.26

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