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[Bug-tar] broken combination: --verify --one-file-system --listed-increm

From: ashley willis
Subject: [Bug-tar] broken combination: --verify --one-file-system --listed-incremental
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2011 17:09:31 -0600

i'm using tar 1.26 with the patch from

still, when i run a level 0 backup i get the following output:
# (cd "/mnt" && time tar- --create --one-file-system --totals  --file \
  /mnt/flexbackup/test/mnt.TEST.0.tar \
  --listed-incremental=/mnt/flexbackup/test/mnt.TEST.0.snapshot \
  --level=0 --verify
./dvr5: Contents differ
./dvr6: Contents differ
./misc: Contents differ
Total bytes written: 35420160 (34MiB, 197MiB/s)

those 3 directories are mounted, the others (not listed) are not.

without --listed-incremental there is not that output:
# (cd "/mnt" && time tar- --create --one-file-system --totals  --file \
  /mnt/flexbackup/test/mnt.TEST.tar --verify .)
Total bytes written: 35409920 (34MiB, 525MiB/s)

that is not my main concern, though it might be related.

running a level 1 backup will not honor --one-file-system, even
without --verify, if --verify was used when creating the level 0. i.e.
it will want to archive everything in ./dvr5, ./dvr6, and ./misc.
without the patch there is the same problem.

if i replace --one-file-system with
" --exclude './dvr5/*' --exclude './dvr6/*' --exclude './misc/*'"
then everything seems to work as expected, but then i'd have to roll
my own --one-file-system option in my backup program (which i might
very well do).

and as a side note,  " --exclude './dir/*'" does not work as expected
according to the documentation, which says it follows shell globbing.
i'd expect it to not exclude './dir/.dotfile', but i'm glad that it


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