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Re: [Bug-tar] We found a bug in TAR

From: Sergey Poznyakoff
Subject: Re: [Bug-tar] We found a bug in TAR
Date: Wed, 16 May 2012 00:58:45 +0300

>     I created the archive with this command:
>     address@hidden:/# tar -cf /root/galaxyhungaria-2012-05-14.tar
>     /Mentes/bergman/_var/www/galaxyhungaria/data/email/
>       tar: A kezdő „/” eltávolítása a nevek elejéről 

If my moderate knowledge of Hungarian serves me, this message
means that tar is removing leading slashes from file names. OK, that's
quite normal.

>     address@hidden:/# tar -t /root/galaxyhungaria-2012-05-14.tar

No, that's wrong. The correct way is

  tar -t -f /root/galaxyhungaria-2012-05-14.tar

Note the "-f", without it tar would read from the standard input, that's

>     But after I'm waiting until 4 hours and nothing happened I press a

It simply waited for the input.

>     If I extract from the archive I can't see error. If the extracting
>     was done I become a cursor again:
>     address@hidden:~/tmp# tar -xf galaxyhungaria-2012-05-14.tar


>     Sorry again I will compare and make a few test with the Midnight
>     Commander. I think this is the wrong.

Yes, it looks so.


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