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[Bug-tar] ssh config, resolving hostnames

From: Ryan Lovett
Subject: [Bug-tar] ssh config, resolving hostnames
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2012 01:09:16 -0800
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I would like to utilize ~/.ssh/config to configure SSH for GNU tar, e.g.

Host = tapehost
HostName = my.real.tape.server
User = someuser
ForwardX11 = no
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/tape
Cipher = blowfish
Compression = no
PreferredAuthentications = publickey

The above stanza allows me to group a lot of items together so that I can
invoke "ssh tapehost" (literally) and ssh will actually connect to
my.real.tape.server as someuser will all of the above options. Note that
"tapehost" isn't any sort of resolvable hostname.

When running "tar -f tapehost:/dev/tape ...", GNU tar attempts to lookup
"tapehost" which is normally quite rational but it failes since "tapehost"
isn't a real machine name.

Perhaps one solution would be a new option for tar to ignore hostname

Thanks for your time,

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