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[Bug-tar] Different behavior between versions with option --listed-incre

From: Piotr Rotter
Subject: [Bug-tar] Different behavior between versions with option --listed-incremental
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2013 18:05:26 +0100
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I got problem with simple script to incremental backups. They have different behavior in different tar version. Version 1.23 in my opinion works correctly but 1.26 not, File which should be removed, isn't removed.


mkdir aaa
echo 'aaa' > aaa/aaa
echo 'aaa' > aaa/bbb
tar -g test.snar -vcf test.0.tar aaa
echo 'aaa' > aaa/ccc
tar -g test.snar -vcf test.1.tar aaa
rm -f aaa/aaa
tar -g test.snar -vcf test.2.tar aaa
mkdir ext
tar -g test.snar -vxf test.0.tar -C ext/
tar -g test.snar -vxf test.1.tar -C ext/
tar -g test.snar -vxf test.2.tar -C ext/

version 1.23 before that put to stdout  "tar: Deleting `aaa/aaa'"
version 1.26 wasn't do that, and file aaa/aaa still exists.

Please help me solve this problem because I don't have any idea what I'm doing wrong. I test it in gentoo (tar 1.23) and ubuntu and gentoo (tar 1.26)

Pozdrawiam! / Best regards!
Piotr Rotter
Konsultant IT / IT Consultant
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Email: address@hidden
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