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[Bug-tar] gnu tar, option -T from stdin or named pipe is not interactive

From: Grzegorz Szyszlo
Subject: [Bug-tar] gnu tar, option -T from stdin or named pipe is not interactive
Date: Wed, 04 Sep 2013 11:21:27 +0200
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Hello. I have problem that I described on:

Option -T make some undescribed buffering. When file list to archive is given from
stdin or named pipe file, it is not interactive. Tar makes buffering.

For example scripts with unnamed pipe

while read x; do echo $x; done|\
tar cvf tar.tar -T -

and second with named pipe:

mkfifo named_pipe
tar cvf tar.tar -T named_pipe
while read x; do echo $x; done >named_pipe

tar begins job only when I press ^D for terminal EOF mark.

What I want to do? repack archive with plenty gzipped file, to one tar file packed with gz. But I do not have much hdd space.
"while" part of above script I want replace by unpacking files step by step and waiting when tar removes them using tar option --remove-files .
Unfortunately tar makes buffering and stop, while takes end of file list. Then my job is impossible.

Grzegorz Szyszlo.

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