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[Bug-tar] Issue with tar. Bug file.

From: Pulkit Bhuwalka
Subject: [Bug-tar] Issue with tar. Bug file.
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2013 04:24:41 -0400


This is to report an issue that I have run into while using tar.

Issue - tar destroys file when arguments are passed in wrong order leading to loss of data.

Correct tar order - tar -cvzf "archive_file_name" "file_to_be_archived"

Order actually passed - tar - cvzf "file_to_be_archived" "archive_file_name"

tar ignores the fact that the "file_to_be_archived" exists and simply overwrites it, and then crashes out complaining that "archive_file_name" doesn't exist.

While I agree that the command was passed by the user in the wrong order, I feel it's something that is quite possible and tar should follow a defensive approach of complaining that a file exists rather than overwriting it. 

I've been using tar for years and I ended up passing the wrong arguments today, which led to me losing data :-(

Pulkit and Meghna

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